Turning short videos (animation) into apps?


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May 10, 2011
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I create short animation videos (about one minute long, in AVI format) and willing to sell them in the android market (there is no interactivity involved, just a regular video animation)

Is there a way (hopefully an easy one, as I am a non programmer:blink:) to convert a video into an app, so I will be able to sell it on the android market? (maybe a software that might do such a task)

If you have another option/s to sell such videos to the android market without the need to convert the video into an app please let me know (I know some people sell such videos on their websites and after downloading to the PC, the costumer needs to transfer and adjust it to the phone, but I believe it is very inconvenient and might discourage people from purchasing the videos, so I look for a better solution)

Thank you, in advanced, for any advice.

Kind regards.

Toon Guy.