Video record app with quick start?


Nov 11, 2009
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Gulf Coast of Florida
I could use a little help on this. I need an app or some kind of shortcut that would let me start video recording as quickly as possible on my MotoDroid 2.1 (not rooted or anything, all stock).

I have a neighbor who has gone a bit off the deep end, harassing me when I go out for a walk with the dog. My lawyer suggested that I record this for a variety of reasons which I'm sure are clear.

But if the droid is on standby in my pocket, I first have to push the wake up button, slide to unlock, hold down the camera button, switch to video and hit record.

I'd love it if there were at least an app or some sort of shortcut that I could put on my homescreen so that I could just wake it up and unlock it, then hit that icon and actually start a recording.

Any ideas anyone?


I haven't used this app in months so I forget how fast it is to start up, but try Qik..also, I'm not sure how you plan to get his harassment on tape, you should just get the stock recorder, face the camera outwards in your shirt pocket, press record before you pass his house, and just face him. If you take your phone out he's probably going to stop.
Yeah I was thinking of trying Qik, thanks. Also it's fine with me if taking out the phone and announcing that it's recording stops the whole thing. It's not in front of their house, it's randomly on the street (he pulls over to the curb in his car and yells at me about nothing relevant to reality - I think he has a crush on me or something!). Really I just would like to be able to start a recording quickly. If it shuts him up, fine. If it doesn't, at least whatever happens next is recorded.
Thanks again titans, qik did the trick as far as faster and easier startup. Plus is doesn't hurt that the video is streamed directly to a remote server. I'd like to catch him threatening to tear the phone out of my hands. "Oh, you don't understand, this is showing up live on the web". lol.
No, it's not that kind of steady thing. It'll be when I'm out walking my dog whenever it happens. The guy pulls up in his car and starts leering and just sounding strange, then when I ignore him he says something ridiculous like "You can't walk your dog there, so and so owns that property and they don't want you there", getting all hyper about it. Totally untrue whatever he's saying, he just wants attention. So I just wanted to be ready in a case like that, "I'm recording this so that any complaints you have about my behavior with my dog can go on record accurately, since I'll be reporting what you're saying to the property managers", sort of thing. If the act of just taking out the phone and saying that gets him to quit, fine. But I wanted to be prepared to actually follow through on it.