Video conversion software that can display HD for Xoom?


Feb 3, 2010
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I have been looking, quiet unsuccessfully, for software to convert movies/TV shows to a format that will play on the Xoom.

Here are my requirements:
Free/Low Cost
Able to convert to HD and/or screen resolutions to fill the Xoom screen

Also, I'd like to know where do I store them on the Xoom, seems to be about 3 likely folders in the directories to put them in and from what I gather the Gallery area is also used to view video content as well. And if anyone has any good suggestions for 3rd party media players feel free to mention those as well.

My primary concern is that I feel I'm watching something on my Xoom and not a poorly converted movie that was converted with a standard smartphone look/feel.
I've been using a free program called Handbrake, but haven't got the settings just right yet. I started with the iPad settings and ripped a movie & television show, but they both seemed a little choppy on the xoom. I watched the same ripped file on my PC and it seemed fine. I'll mess with the settings a little and report my findings.
I definitely welcome any input on settings other xoomers have had success with!

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Its not free but dvdcatalyst does it. On sale noe for 10 bucks.
Why convert at all? Just install the mobo player free app and it will play just about any format video in HD.
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Mobo works great download it from the market its free and easy to use.

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