Video camera questions re the Motorola Droid.


Nov 13, 2009
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San Francisco Bay Area
I've seen the iphone 3gs video camera. I believe it has a focus box that you can drag around to your requirements. I don't know if this can be done while recording or only at the beginning...

In regards to the Motorola Droid:

Can you focus the video camera while recording from close up to infinity or in between?

Can you control aperature while recording?

Can you zoom in while recording? I understand it would be digital zoom (which degrades the quality) not optical zoom (where the quality remains high). But having zoom in the camera would allow you to post video on youtube or elsewhere immediately without having to go to another computer to zoom in on a particular subject.

Can you edit in camera and either cut off the beginning or end and rearrange different videos into one longer one add text...?

Will these functions be available as apps in the future?

Can you compare the video camera on the Droid to the iphone 3gs?

Your comments on the video abilities.
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