Vid upload, conversion plz help


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Sep 25, 2012
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I had a priceless video of my little niece singing for the family thanksgiving reunion. I have been trying to upload it but the file was to large. Video to facebook paused and never continued after 43%, the file managers i tried to use like android file manager, super manager, etc did not locate my videos in any file so i couldnt zip it. I tried Vidcon but that also didn't find my video files. So i decided that while looking for a way to upload and share my video id go ahead and cut out the fluff which i used vidtrim for. While it was saving the edited version i had to exit the screen and my file was deleted. Now i no longer have the video. My questions are as follows
1. Can i get my video back? if so how?

2. Are there any apps that can take a video from my gallery and format it into a simple link?

3. Plz share any and all advice