Vibration Motor/Update Won't Work


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Oct 16, 2012
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East Peoria, Illinois
When I got my first Droid Pro, I had it barely two weeks and the vibration motor died. Now, the one I have worked great until a few months ago and I believe the vibration motor is going out in this one. I have every possible vibration setting turned on, yet it almost never vibrates for anything and haptic feedback does not work. Also, I'm on 2.3.3, and still have the issue with the keyboard not backlighting when it's supposed to. I know there's an update available that's supposed to fix it, but I've been trying to run that update since it come out and every time, it'll instal just so far and then stop and reboot the phone, and then tell me that the update failed. Has anyone found a way to fix any of these issues?