Very Strange Theme Problem?


Feb 24, 2011
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Ok so i have had liberty 1.5 on my Dx for about a month now. anyway i have had the linear theme on it for a long as i had liberty. so heres the problem
i downloaded a torrent app and i was downloading a torrent so while it was downloading the phone turned off. so I turned it back on. and you know when you reboot you phone it does have service for like 20 or 30 seconds or less so my widgets were not working so i though if i wait a little longer they would work but they didn't work. i thought a reboot would work. that did not work. so i found i could not make any calls use the market or browser so it went on for 2 days so i had to SBF my DX back to Factory setting. after that was done everthing was back to normal i could call peopel 3g speed and everything. then i went to install the Liberty theme and then the Linear theme and the same problem happened. i then knew it was eather the liberty Rom or the lineat theme i reinstalled the Libert rom and the problem was gone so it was the Linear Theme the whole time.....My question is how was i able to use the Linear theme the whole time and now it wants to Hurt my Phone is it a Virus???? or something else please reply i really like this theme

Thanks in Advance :)