VERY poor experance with the Webtop system (Webtop HDMI hack)


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May 5, 2010
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I used the webtop hack to enable when using HDMI. I thought the Firefox experience would be up to par with using a computer. I was wrong.

I recorded a video showing how bad the video playback of Hulu was how slow the general running of Firefox is. I was recording this WITH the Bionic at the same time as doing the demo. BUT this SAME issues are present when NOT recording. I conclude that buying ANY setup. Whether it be, Lapdock, HD Dock or just the $30 adapter. (There must have been a reason it was only $30. Hmm?) You'd think with a phone this powerful that running Hulu would be a breeze. It wasn't. I honestly think it would be smoother to use the Hulu Plus app or PlayOn via computer and use the HDMI mirror or the phone interface via the Webtop. Using Firefox on the Webtop was a total joke. Surely not worth the $300 for the Lapdock. Now I know most will say "It's still just a phone". That it is. But when Motorola puts it up as a total "laptop" experience. It should beable to do everything in Firefox that a PC should do. IMHO