Verizon's Double Data for Life


Nov 10, 2010
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Hi. I couldn't find much information on this offer.

Background: I have 5 phones on my plan which is old Talk & Text 700. I have 2 lines with UDP. I have one line with 4GB for $30 month and one line with 4GB for $50 (it was a 2GB plan, but DS kept hitting his data limit). At the end of the year I will get hit with the extra $20 per line for the UDP (so additional $40 a month--ouch). One line is just a regular phone and I will dump it when contract is up in June (was for my Dad who is no longer around).

1. Is the 2 year phone upgrade going away? Currently every 2 years I have been able to purchase a new phone at a discounted price. Will this even still be available?

2. I *think* I will be paying less with the 36GB plan (18GB doubled) which is plenty of data for us. It's so hard to really figure out what the monthly costs will be with taxes and fees etc. So if I move to this plan I will also have to either purchase phones at full price or monthly price, correct?

Should I switch? Seems like that extra $40 a month will go a long way to pay for new phones over the two years. I've not paid a lot of attention to the new plans, because I was keeping my old one.

Please let me know whether I will save money on the new plan. Also do I laugh at the "double up on data for life" offer, since I can keep my UDP but they are now charging more. Is there a good chance this will happen to me down the road with this plan too (they decide to charge me more for what they promised me at current price for life)?

1) Try to move to the unlimited talk and text plan with max data that you can afford. This would be for the 5 phones on talk and text 700 and the others ones that have 4gb data plan. Make sure you tell Verizon to bundle all these phones so that you can share the overall data capacity across all the phones. Vzw will only do that if they all are under same account.

2) Try to hang onto the unlimited data plan. Last i heard you cant upgrade to a new phone on UDP.

Work the numbers out so that you can survive with max data. Conservatively, what ever is your data consumption / line double it to get a sense of how much data you will require for next two years. Data consumption will continue to grow with more video and music streaming online.

If you loved getting new phones every two year , above option may not be for you as you have to ' buy ' your phones .

Check both options and decide. if you buy new phones VZW has a return your old phone for $100 or less .

Hope this helps

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2)yes you can upgrade on a UDP. I have twice without issues.
The discounted New Every 2 with Verizon is gone, however, Best Buy is still doing it if you are upgrading.