Verizon Xoom to Get Android 3.2 Update Very Soon; SD Card Support & More


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Dec 30, 2010
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If you were initially annoyed that your brand new Verizon Motorola Xoom did not come with all the features enabled that it should have, your five month wait to take care of that is almost over. The Verizon version of the Xoom is about to start receiving the OTA rollout of Android version 3.2 which brings a host of new features including SD card support. The pic above indicates all the changes that this brings. Interestingly, Verizon didn't explicitly state that this was the 3.2 version of Honeycomb, but the feature-set that is listed can't really be anything else, especially since it includes a "Screen Scaling Compatibility Mode". There is no firm date when the update will launch, but since it just went up on VZW's website, it is likely to come fairly soon.

Source: via AndroidPolice and VZW
Wasn't the SD card slot inactive at launch???? Hmm guess that blows the theory away that manufactures do indeed ship devices with stuff disabled that can be enabled at a later date. Now I know its a stretch but the X2 looks like it has a Front facing camera And I know people will comment on it being a sensor either the ambient light or prox sensor. but when you look at it and the sensors on the X the X2 has all the same sensors as the X plus this one that looks like a camera. who knows I just think that Moto automagically turning on the SD card on the Xoom opens doors for thought and debate
It still boggles my mind that companies will release hardware with parts not working yet. You're :censored: Motorola...get it right already.