Verizon LTE Motorola XOOM Getting Update HLK75H; Not ICS Unfortunately


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Dec 30, 2010
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It seems that folks with the Verizon LTE version of the Motorola XOOM are being left out in the cold for a while, as far as an update to Android 4.0 is concerned. A new update, version HLK75H, is rolling out "soon" but it is only an incremental update with some bug fixes, and not full blown Ice Cream Sandwich. This update includes only a couple of things: support for dual International Mobile Subscriber Identities (IMSI), and a bugfix for restoring data connectivity after exiting Airplane Mode.

This seems a bit frustrating. We know that Ice Cream Sandwich will work on the device, since everyone with a WiFi version has been enjoying it for quite some time already. It seems that somehow Verizon and/or a combination of Verizon and Motorola are holding back the LTE version. Could it be a technical issue with the 4G LTE, or is it simply corporate bureaucracy at its finest? What do you guys think?

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Disappointing a bit. I have Galaxy Nexus with ICS and also have a Verizon Xoom(off contract) that I only use on wifi, but it has the 3g radio in it, never had it upgraded to the 4g, since I don't use it on a contract. But what all this is making me think is that devices with 3g/4g and ICS somehow don't play well together, which is why GN and the Xoom haven't gotten any more updates yet.