verizon upgrade question


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Nov 6, 2009
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probably like alot of storm users, I was not eligible for for a upgrade when the droid came out, so I added another line to get the droid, and just transferred it to number I use, so just paying for a line i do not use now. Yesterday I got a flyer from verizon saying they will do a free early upgrade on my line if I want to get a droid. Has anyone got this and tried to go back to verizon? Ideally I would just like to cancel the extra line I added and do the upgrade to the droid on the line I have. I guess I could just return the droid withing the 30 days and cancel the line, then upgrade the line I use with a new droid, but I like the one I have and the way I have it set up.

I just reread this, man I babble :)
I dread going to the Verizon store. It's like going to the friggen DMV....

Takes forever before you get to see someone and then you're at the counter for like an hour.
I got that email on Tuesday and just called customer service yesterday for the upgrade and to order the phone. The rep was really helpful and took care of everything, so I'd try that route before going in to the store.
I agree with the "call customer service" they usually are much more helpful than the store folks for some reason.