Verizon Update Won't Work


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Feb 27, 2012
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Let me apologize in advance and let you all know I am a complete n00b at all this.

I unlocked my Rezound using the HTC unlocker, then I used the CleanTOOL to temp root and remove all of the bloatware. (thanks so much Scott! I was doing cartwheels in the street when I didn't see the blockbuster app any more).

Everything was fine but now the phone won't install the Verizon update that happened about 6 weeks ago (improved signal strength, fixed timeout issues while on wi-fi, and added 5 bars to signal strength). The phone always checks and downloads the update (which uses my data) but it never runs.

I have temp rooted and put all the bloatware back on thinking maybe that was the problem, but the update still won't run.

I don't use Amon Ra or Titanium backup or anything like that. Just wanted the bloatware off.

Does anyone know how I can get the latest update and then just remove the bloatware again?

Thanks so much!!

Nevermind... I finally got it to work! Here is how in case others are having the same problem:

1) Turn off fastboot
2) Temp root and reinstall all bloatware
3) Take battery out, put it back in and leave the case off (probably has nothing to do with it but my case was off when the update worked)
4) Go to settings, update and check for updates (if should show up)
5) Wait until update is finished downloading update should start... if not reboot and update will start
6) Wait until update is finished... reboot... and run cleantool to remove all bloatware

Voila! You're done.
You could also have re-locked and then just run the RUU exe from your comp, that'll get you back to stock ROM and install the update at the same time. (It's also a good thing to have if you really screw up your phone in any way, it can save you from potential 'bricks')