Verizon Super Cookie (UIDH) DEAD!!


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Sep 11, 2011
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So I have been in this fight since it started, calling VZ privacy. and finally filing FCC and FTC complaints against Verizon for their Supercookie tracking system we all learned about last fall. A few weeks ago my FCC complaint was resolved and both of my lines no longer showed the UIDH tracking on them. Around the same time Verizon said they would let everyone opt out soon.

That day has come. If you log in you will see the opt out area right away. It takes you straight there.

I don't know how much I had to do with this, I suspect I was one of many that filed complaints and each of us in our own tiny way helped. I feel good right now, real good.
That is some good news. I wish that kind of stuff worked in my line of work.
Nice! Next stop NSA. Until you can stop the NSA from snooping and tracking you, everything else is a moot point really. But you gotta start somewhere though right?

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My biggest beef with trying to stop them at this point is who is going to police the NSA? Most people do not realize the infrastructure they already have in place to make this happen.

But, I agree. It needs to stop.
Exactly....And therein lies the problem. They can "tell us" all they want that they will not listen to our phone calls or read our emails, but at this point what can you really believe after they've broken so many rules & lied to us for so many years. Unless it's completely dismantled, which I don't see ever happening, there is no "in between".

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