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Nov 18, 2009
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my parents has a family share plan with 4 lines, one for each of them and one line for my aunt and one for her daughter... one line is due for an upgrade.. so they decided to take advantage of the BOGO on the droid x... my mother would get an X as her upgrade and let my little cousin put her number on the free one...

verizon would not do the deal.. because you have to have TWO lines available for upgrade to get that offer... they called me to ask if that is true.. i told them i was never like that before.. i did the exact same thing back when the storm came out.. upgraded my # to the storm... put my daughters # on the free one... so i called verizon and asked was just told the same thing... so i said.. so i asked if i were a single guy off the street that wanted to buy the X, get the free one and say have my girlfriends number on it i couldnt... she says the terms state that you have to be on a family share plan of 4 phones or more and two must be due for upgrade to get the BOGO offer... i asked where were these terms listed... cause im looking right at the website... after talking to three people, being on hold.. they came back to say its not on any of their signs in store... or on their website... but it is in their policies... and then we all of a sudden got disconnected????? nice scam verizon....nice scam...


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Dec 23, 2010
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I understand you are dissapointed about not getting a free phone for your niece, but calling this a scam is a little bit of a stretch...

First of all, here is a direct quote from the Verizon website (Home page, white paragrapoh at the bottom of the DROID X BOGO add):

"New 2Yr activation & data pak required for each phone"

I think expecting Verizon to buy a phone from Motorola and give it to your neice for free with nothing in return (becasue she is ALREADY in a contract) is a little bit unreasonable.

I would challenge you to find ANY carrier that is willing to give you a cell phone for free without signing a new contract.

If your niece was due for an upgrade, or didn't have a phone currently, then they would happily give her the free Droid and sign her up for a 2 year contract.
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