Verizon Note 3 Biggins Rom and Theme!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Many of you can remember the days when if you wanted to run a theme you would find the rom you liked and then wait on themers to come and create a theme specifically for that rom, or if you found a themer you really liked you would follow them to their favorite rom. There is a new Rom/Theme that is reminiscent of those good ole days. The new Biggin's rom for the Verizon Note 3 brings a totally customized look to your device. This is great since we can't have AOSP roms on the device which means that we can't use the Theme engine.

The Biggins rom is meant to be a clean slimmed down experience with just the right amount of tweaks and mods. Some mods include extended power menu with screenshot and flashlight, battery mod, complete blue and grey theme, more than 600 custom fonts, aosp sounds, S5 boot animations, and many other customization. Grab this rom from the link below.