Verizon Has Accessories In Stock For Droid X!!!!

Those who went to the store... Did they also have the buy 3 accessories and get $30 off? I heard someone say that.
I just went to two different stores and neither of them would sell or couldn't sell any X accessories yet. Come on Verizon, you already shipped out 170 phones. Don't you think some of those people might want to put a case on their phone right now?
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Yeah my friend went to one here in Birmingham, Al and the guy tried to sell them to him and said that if u bought 3 things then they would take $30 off and throw in the screen protectors but i went and didn't hear that
Called my Verizon sales lady in Birmingham, AL as well CAM, she is told me that they should have plenty of accessories and phones on Thursday. The preorder for them in Birmingham wasn't as bad as they had expected. So hopefully early Thursday morning we can start playing with it.