New owner looking for acc advice


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Sep 17, 2010
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Ordered an X yesterday. It is supposed to ship Sept 24th. Really looking forward to my first smartphone. I assume Verison store is the worst place to buy accesories so started looking on line today.

Saw 2 cases that look like what I want I need a belt clip that WON'T
come off when bumped or dragged across steering wheel when getting out of car.......

Body Glove rubber w/belt clip for $24.99
Verizon OEM shell/holster for $23.99

Saw Amzer screen protector that claims to be anti glare for $6.95
I'd like to find something that allows screen to be seen in sunlight and
protects it also.

All were at cheapdroids

Good products ? Good prices ? Good place to buy ? Any advice ?

Also interested in headset. Don't care what it looks like just want reliable, not those cheesy
little wires that break on the 50th use.

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I would suggest Seidio or Otterbox products both available online

and yes, VZW is the worst place to buy Xessories
Cell phone Acc.

If your phone is in a case and you need a rugged pouch try this site- pouches are not pretty but i can vouch for their ruggedness.They have a chart for measuring your phone. Good Luck
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On a headset - if you want a good BT headset that will do both calls and music - I suggest the H17txt by Moto...