verizon Droid update rolled out this a.m.?


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Mar 1, 2010
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I woke up and plugged in my droid this morning and there was a system update... anyone know what this was for?
My wife said the same thing on her way out to work this morning. I came here looking for an answer myself.
This is part of an email I got from motorola:
*Sporadic issues with unintended recipient list corrected for text, picture, video, and audio multimedia messages
*Correct message populates when messaging application is opened and quickly accessed

edit: these are the issues that update is supposed to fix
Swyped from a Droid
Dont update just yet. My friends phone has lost its root. But I'm trying to work on it.
I accepted the update and now my phone won't start up! I just get the M logo, followed by the DROID logo, followed by the red eye logo, then back to the DROID logo, the red eye logo, DROID logo, etc., etc., etc....

Um, help, please? :(