Verizon Droid Milestone


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Mar 16, 2011
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I have the original droid by Verizon and it is rooted with Super1Click. Update FRG83G has been rolled out to my phone and is asking me to update my phone every time I use it. I rooted my phone on it's current OS version 2.2.1

If I update will this brick my phone? What do you suggest. If Super1Click can re root the phone then its cool but I just wanted to ask before I proceed as I do not want a updated phone with limited phone access.

If not is there a way I can turn off these updates?
:welcome: to the forum. The update wont brick your phone but you may loose root. The update just fixes a few bugs. In my opinion its not worth it. As far as stopping the update notifications, try searching the forum or maybe someone will stop by that could help you further.
I know the update notification can be very annoying... I know with the Bugless Beast ROM there is a fix to kill that update. Guess you just need to look at want you want to do; custom ROM, leave stock w/ root? There is ROMs for the update, but for some, 2.2.1 is worth keeping.