Using chromecast with mobile hotspot


Jul 25, 2010
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Been a long time since I've posted on here, but thought maybe someone could enlighten me. I have a stock Galaxy S3 with android 4.4.2, and I use my mobile hotspot for my internet at home. I have a chromecast that is set up to connect to my hotspot when it is turned on. I am able to to cast my watchespn and hbogo app using my phone and it works great. Can't cast netflix or youtube from my phone though (the casting icon doesn't show up). I also have an hp touchpad (old I know) that has android 4.2.2 installed on it. When I connect that to my hotspot, I am able to cast with all 4 of those apps (netflix, hbogo, youtube, watchespn). I don't always have that tablet around though, so it would be nice if my phone could do it.

So why can I only cast certain apps through my phone when I am using my mobile hotspot? Is it a problem with the app? Or with chromecast? Or is it because I am trying to do this using a mobile hotspot? Thanks!