Use a Droid 2 Global on vacation in the USA


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Jun 7, 2011
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I have bought a Droid 2 Global on Ebay and use it in germany with a german sim-card (works fine!).
The phone is unlocked and the ESN is clean (according to the ebay product description).
Now a plan a vacation-trip to the USA (about 4 weeks). I would like to take my d2g with me, but:
  • I think it will not work with my sim-card in the USA because of the netlock for US-gsm-networks.
  • Even if it will work or not: the roaming-fees will be horrible.
I am not familiar with american cellphone rules. Because of this I have some noob-questions:
  • Can i use the phone with a prepaid plan with verizon only for vacation? I have looked a the webpage at verizon, but i cannot find a link to activate a used phone.
  • And I am confused about the technical terms on the verizone-page: "Monthly Prepaid Plan", "Data Packages". Must I order boths?
  • Can I alternatively use daily plans for call and/or internet access?
  • Can I use Skype or SIP when I order a Data-Package?
  • Can I use a calling-card with my cellphone for cheap international-calls?

I would like to use my phone mainly for internet (emails, book hotels, ...) and international calls. Any tips are welcome.