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Mar 28, 2011
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New to the forums. I tend to be able to fix mostly by using google, however I can't find anything specific to my issue. And I have a limited computer capability at the moment, and my droid is less than 5% battery. So here goes:

I had my phone plugged into a wall outlet and it said it was charging, but seemed to remain at a constant 5%, even though the battery had the little lightning symbol in it. An electrician came over and messed with the breaker box, as my mother was having issues with some of her outlets.

When I return to see my phone's progress, it isn't charging, though it's plugged in. Moved it to 3 separate outlets, none of which charged the phone [not even showed that it WAS plugged in.] So I naturally pull out a laptop and plug it into the laptop, which does NOT charge the phone. Not only that, the computer says it's an unrecognized USB device and it doesn't have the correct drivers.

This confuses me as only two days ago I plugged my droid into the same laptop and tethered it successfully so I could play on Kongregate.

What up?

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My Toshiba Laptop is constantly getting the drivers screwed up and stops recognizing my phone, I have to flash the bios then reload the factory presets in order to get my USB ports working again. Your problem is probably not the same though, I think you may just have a bad cord. Are you using the OEM factory charger?
Sounds like a bad USB port. Try pulling the battery first though to see if it makes any difference.