usb mount to radio.


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Nov 16, 2010
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ok, so I had 2 incredibles so far.

No problems with the first one other then speaker issues.

this one won't play mp3s properly with my radio. rooted or not.

if I use auto mount app from the market, it mounts the sd card but when I select an mp3, it starts cycling through all of them like they all are 0 second long.

if I boot into clockwork recovery, go to mounts, and mount usb storage, then everything works like normal.

usb debugging is off, android is set to charge only, usb auto mount app is active. not sure why music won't play off the card when the phone is running, it worked on my last incredible.

not sure if it's related, but my talk to text function doesn't work right either, days speak now, it hearts me, then doesn't input the text. no matter what keyboard I use.

thanks for any help.

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