USB Connect as Hard Drive freezes Winxp


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Sep 4, 2011
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Ok, sorry guys but I have searched and tried all the suggestions I found and nothing has worked so I am at a loss now for what to do about this problem again. I have had my Incredible for a year now and I originally tried the dialing ##7764726 fix to cure this problem. And it did fix it months ago. Problem is that I had to factory reset my phone recently and that must have fubarred that setting because now every time I connect my phone via USB to my computer it freezes my windows xp. If it is in Disk drive setting on the phone the result is that the computer freezes and wont do anything until I unplug the usb cable. I have tried installing the Android SDK package, htc sync program, and checked the device manager for any "?" marks. The previous fix I used no longer works for me. If I plug the phone into my Ubuntu computer it has no issues recognizing it as a hard drive. So I am at a loss for what to do now.
I am using Winxp SP2, Droid Incredible 2.2, have latest HTC Sync installed, and my phone is not rooted.