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Jan 11, 2012
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Plymouth, MN
I can't get my Droid Bionic to charge. It is connected via USB to my computer. USB Connection is recognized. I selected the link to manage the USB connection, and the "Charge Only" option is selected. But it is not charging! Battery is getting low! Need help.
It probably is charging but very, very slow. If you use your phone while connected to a computer, it will drain faster than it's charging. Your best bet is to use the wall charger.

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Thanks for your reply. However, I did figure out the correct setting for the USB, which is "PC Mode" and not "Charge Only". It is now charging. Go figure!
Well that's weird, never noticed that:crazy:

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Wonder if PC has power management and does not run up the voltage out until data is being piped on the port.. (which would explain this issue for one and not another )

charging any android phone you need more milliamps than older phones did and are often squirrly with cheap usb cables. The old .2 mAh chargers just dont get r dun as many car chargers dont either. (old D1 using navigation diying while plugged in)

Check your PC power management on the USB (some motherboards even have setting for current etc)