Upgraded To S4 Yesterday Got A Cool Gift


Dec 28, 2012
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I had to recently upgrade my phone since they wanted$250cad to repair my s3 after I had it rooted I installed conflicting apps I assume, when I touched the backuo settings option it instantly went dead and wouldn't come back on no matter what I tried including hooking to the laptop etc. Was just like there was no battery in it when I touched the power button etc. so for an extra$50 I get the new phone as well as into a 2 year instead of 3 year contract and the bonus gift of the Samsung Smart Watch which I haven't been able to connect via bluetooth to my S4 says needs software updated as not compatible with my phone, bluetooth recognized it and even says paired but won't connect or stay connected to my phone . Going by Rogers tomorrow see if they can figure it out as im getting pissed off, seems like a cool little gadget so I'll try it out I may like it I know my 11 year old son loves and knows everything about it since he explained the whole thing to me before I even knew what it did!lol