Unwanted Contact Merging


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Jan 13, 2011
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My Droid 2 is set up with my Exchange email account. Over the weekend, I noticed that all of a sudden, 2 of my contacts had been merged in to 1. I do not have a gmail account, or any other account with contacts added to the phone, so it's not as if they are merging from seperate accounts. That one contact now contains all of the information from both contacts, but obviously both are under the same contact name now. My contact naming convention is COMPANYNAME(UserName). So if I have multiple contacts for the same company, it looks like this:

JOE'SCOMPANY **This contact is just for the generic phone number/physical mailing address

For some reason, using my example, Bob Jones' contact was merged into Joe Smith's. Joe's contact has all of both Joe's and Bob's info, but if Bob calls, my phone says Joe is calling. If Joe calls, it says Joe is calling as well. I have many many contacts, and this has only happened once. My naming convention is consistant throughout my entire contact list.

Now the interesting part is I removed the entire Exchange email account from the phone, and verified that there are no contacts in the phone. I then re-added my email account syncing my contacts as well, and those 2 were merged again on my phone. Neither of those 2 contacts are new in the phone. They have been in my phone for a long while before this started happening. I also have Moonrug on my phone, where the contacts are fine. I have my corporate email sync'd up to my iPad as well, and the contacts appear correctly on the iPad. The contacts also appear correctly in my Outlook 2010.

Does anyone have some insight on what the issue could be? Thank you in advance for your assistance.