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Jan 8, 2010
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Does anybody else's phone have a problem where the screen becomes completely unresponsive. I go into texts and my keyboard doesn't pop up, I can't press the back button or the menu when in a text. I can press the home button and it goes back to main screen. Go into texts again and still can't send anything. It happens often. It's happened at least 1-4 times a week
Sounds like a defective phone to me. Factory reset and see if that helps. If not, return.

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You'd better contact the service center as so as possible. Maybe there is something inside the screen, expecially the flex cable.
Only time I've had that happen to me was with an app I had downloaded that didn't play well with my phone after it was rooted. Luckily I had monitoring apps that I could look at and see what was causing the issue. If your phone is relatively new and you haven't installed very many apps yet, I'd suggest a factory reset (you can search here for how to do it) and see if that helps your issue. Otherwise, you may want to try and get a replacement phone.

My suggestions are as such since there's not very much info about your phone, what you've done with it since you got it, and what apps are on it currently. If you are really needing some help, more info (such as if you're rooted / using stock or custom ROM, what apps you have, how long you've had the phone, etc...) would be helpful.
I'm not rooted. Verizon gave me this phone to replace my nexus because I had a few of them changed.

Anyway this phone has been great, the only true problem with it has been that and decent reception. My girlfriend has the s3 on att and she changed it 3 times in a week cause of battery drain. I'm scared to change this phone... Never know what you get next.

I noticed that if I press the home button when this freezing thing happens, that button works. And then if I bring up all apps and shut them down all of a sudden it works.

It only really happens while text messaging. It usually happens on swype too. If I change the keyboard it works sometimes.