Unofficial CM12 For The Verizon Galaxy S4


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Oct 6, 2011
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Before you go any further you should know that you have to be LOKI patched with custom recovery on your Verizon Galaxy S4. There more than likely aren't many of those in the wild these days since you needed to have been on the very first build of Android ever for the VZW S4. Verizon released an update pretty quickly after Loki was released so any devices purchased after that already had the exploit closed.

All that being said you can now run Lollipop on this device thanks to an unofficial build of Cyanogen Mod 12 that was released by developer "Euroskank". These builds are bleeding edge and are comparable to nightlies. This means that you will find some bugs here and there. You will want to be sure to make a complete nandroid backup of your current setup. Euroskank is also requesting that those who grab his build also help out with reporting bugs. His thread has a real community feel. This helps the bugs get squashed quicker. If you want to give Android 5.0 Lollipop a shot on your good ole trusty Verizon Galaxy S4 head to the link below.