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Oct 11, 2012
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Can't seem to get a straight answer when on Verizon chat or when calling c/s.
Any Verizon reps know the answer to this?
I have Unltd. data with a contract end date of 2-20-16. Monthly billing cycle ends 2-16-16.
I fall under a ECPD profile. I've been told ECPD accts. won't get the data $ price increase.
Some Verizon reps say it will and some say it won't.
Questions are:
1- Will I see price increase in unltd data upon contract end?
2- When will I be eligible for DPP? After Feb. 16, 2016? Or after Feb. 20,2016? Or after March 16, 2016?
3- Currently get 25% off on minutes and accessories and 20% off data. Would the new plans be the same discounts? Either contract or DPP?
4- Would DPP be less money than a new contract?
Any Verizon reps know the answer to this?
Thanks in advance for your answers.
What is ECPD? I'm on an employee account that didn't see any data increases.

2)DPP? Device Payment Plan??? If so you should be able to get a new device 1 month prior to your contract end date.
3)If you're under an employee discount program, those should stay. What new plans are you referring to?
ECPD = Enterprise Customer Profile Division
I can get DPP now but I'd lose my unltd. data. Verizon has some new rules which are so convoluted their own reps. don't even appear to know. Soon I should be able to do device paymt. plan without losing my unltd. data.
Can't seem to get a definitive date/answer.
I'd just normally wait another month to find out but my camera quit working on my Droid Maxx. Not worth repairing. Supposedly I have the option of another 2yr contract and keep Unltd Data, new Verizon Plan (lose Unltd Data, DPP plan and keep Unltd Data etc etc. Trying to figure out what's best.
I'd just buy a new phone outright and not worry about changing your plans.
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I'd just buy a new phone outright and not worry about changing your plans.
While this option is tempting especially since the Moto Nexus 6 32Gb new is now 250. I'd still like to know my options while keeping unltd. data when my contract is up.
Had my heart set on a Turbo 2 which was 400.00 off over Xmas. Now it's 300.00 off. Why pay full retail when they have deals all the time. Usually around Valentines they have deals/sales. I know there are new plans coming shortly in response to ATT's unltd
22Gb cable tv plan. Swappa, Amazon and Ebay are also options. Seems like a reasonable request to Verizon which cannot give me a straight answer. Unless I get some take it to the bank answers I'll probably hold off
since I'm this close to Feb.
Why pay retail because you lose unlimited if you don't.
I'm on an employee discount plan. 25% off accessories, 21% off my total monthly bill.... our bill went up by $40 for 2 devices on unlimited. As previously mentioned, I would purchase the device outright to ensure you keep your unlimited. Just to be on the safe side. The fact that Verizon doesn't know the answer to your question doesn't surprise me. They've changed their plans around so much, as well as the rules regarding so many of their past plans, it's difficult for the average sales or customer service rep to know the answer. Personality, I would go into a corporate Verizon store and speak to an account manager. Have him put it in writing.
Good luck!

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