Universal QuickBoot For CyanogenMod 12 and 12.1


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Oct 6, 2011
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Quickboot is a feature of Cyanogen OS found on the OnePlus One which was built by Qualcomm and Cyanogen. Quickboot reduced bootup time drastically by altering the shutdown / boot up sequence. The device is not turned down completely, rather the device goes into airplane mode, applications are killed, notification and button reactions are disabled, similar to Windows 8. The reboot action remains the same so you won't get the incredibly quick boot up like in the video above unless you turn off and on the phone.

To Install
1. Download Quickboot for your version of CM
2. Flash the downloaded zip in recovery
3. Enable Quickboot from developer options

This will only work if you are running CM12 or CM12.1. It should also work on any build of CM that was built starting in 2015. Head to the link below for full guide, warnings, and download.

via XDA
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