Universal ADB Driver For Windows by Koush!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Android Debug Bridge one of the most frustrating parts of rooting for Android has now been simplified. I remember when I was trying to unlock the bootloader on my Droid DNA and I ran into a snag with the ADB on my PC. For whatever reason it was outdated and my computer could not see the Droid DNA to apply the exploit. After many hours of searching various forums and trying to discover what in the world was going on I finally ditched the PC and jumped onto the MAC. I had to totally redo my ADB setup and all went fine from there.

We can all relate to that experience in some form or fashion. Koush, the creator of Rom Manager, clockworkmod, and many other popular root apps, has released his Universal ADB driver for Windows. This simplifies the process of installing ADB. Koush had run into ADB issues with his Carbon app and decided to develop a fix that would benefit everyone using the app. This really is Universal and should work with any Android device on any version of Windows.

If I were you I would go ahead and grab this now or bookmark the link because even if you aren't having issues with ADB now just wait. You are bound to run into it sometime.

Via Koush
wow. He just keeps going. I remember when he very first dropped CWMRecovery and the first real port of CyanogenMod on the Droid. And as important as that was at the time (and it was HUGE), this is just as big, but on a much larger scale