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Apr 21, 2010
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Hello I just rooted my friends NexusS for him. I am now after root having trouble to get adb to be able to push files to the phone. I want to keep the stock rom as is and just have root and some of my themed apps. Once I get a file browser to let me push it to phone I should be all set. I dont currently have an account setup at all on the phone cause im going to sell it. Before you suggest just logging on the download one :)

Right now its rooted with latest Android 2.3.3 that google released. Same one being pushed by Tmoble slowly. I currently have his older nexus 1. I did the same procedure to that one and all is good. I just dont see what im having trouble with.

My only guess is the Usb Driver that worked for me to root the phone isn't allowing adb to detect the device now that its rooted. Never seen this before on any of the phone's I've delt with.

I've done a few droid 1's, the incredible, tmobiles clapton 3g or whatever, My droid X and the 2 nexus's mentioned above never had this issue yet.

On a good not phone is working great and has best battery life of any device i've played with running android.

With my heavy messing around and screen on brightest due to my bad vission it will go well over a day and half for me. None of the other's come close.

EDIT: I almost forgot to mention. I also needed this to work to finish the root process properly or the recovery reverts back to stock on reboots. Its a simple repush in bootloader that does work still for some reason.
For thos with Nexus S here's what I followed to root since you cant seem to find superboot anymore the one click method. I did all my other phones the long way, well all but the last time I reflashed my DX back to stock so I could get up to date I then tried z4root to see how it was and it was simple :)

Oh and I tried 2 laptops and 1 desktop I usually use. one laptop is win7 64bit dualboot xppro the other laptop is win7 32bit. And my pc is dual boot vista 32bit/win7 32bit. if that helps

UPDATE: I got around all this with an update.zip. I put root explorer on that way then added all I wanted one at a time. I guess I could just build the update.zip to do most all by itself.
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