Unbrick Your HTC Droid DNA, Return to Stock 1.15.605.4


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Oct 6, 2011
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The HTC Droid DNA has been Unlocked, Rooted, and has custom recovery faster than any of us had initially expected thanks to the handy work of JCase and some other cool folks that helped with the exploit. With the ability to change the firmware of the phone and install custom mods and roms also comes the risk of messing something up and Bricking your device. No worries Team "Factory Rom" has released the safety net (IE the RUU). This will require you to use a Windows PC as the RUU is an exe file. This also requires you to first unlock your bootloader. Some have had issues with re-unlocking their bootloader after flashing back to stock, however most DNA users have been successful with re-unlocking the bootloader by using the original unlock_bin.img that was generated by HTC dev. It took some persistance for most as the re-unlock process did not always work the first time.

All of that being said you will all want to grab the RUU from the source link below!

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