Unable to send pictureswith MMS


Nov 10, 2009
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Unable to send pictures with MMS

Hoping someone can help me out here; I am unable to get MMS pictures to go through.

I have the camera set to 2MP and Normal so the picture size is about 250k but when I send I first get the envelope with a clock then an envelope with an exclamation point and the person I am sending to never receives the picture (on VZW).

Is anyone else experiencing this? Am I doing something wrong? I am sending using the dialog box in the messaging app.


I'm having the EXACT same problem. I looked all over in these forums and haven't found a fix or solution.
I've been able to send MMS (I use Handcent however not the native messaging, it's much much better) but the picture has to be resized. Handcent automatically noticed the file was too large and asked me to resize the image and then it was sent on it's way. Handcent may be the solution.
I had this problem as well. Sometimes MMS won't send if you have parenthesis around the area code of the number you're trying to send the message to.

To resolve the problem, delete the thread of the person you're trying to send the message to FIRST.

Next, edit the contact to this format: 123-456-7890. (A 10 digit number is required even if it isn't in your local calling area)

Finally, open a new MMS and fire away. If you do these steps in this order your problem should be solved. Let us know.
My MMS only go out to an individual. If I try to send something to 2 or more people, they never get it. I never receive an error or anything.