Need help sending picture messages!


Dec 7, 2009
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Long Island NY
I cant figure this issue out. I can recieve picture messages (MMS) without a problem. I am having a problem sending them. If I go to my gallery and choose a picture I hit share then I choose messaging. It displays "converting to MMS" I pick a contact in the top bar and hit send. It comes up in the message service under that persona name with an envelope to thr right of the picture I am trying to send and the envelope has a red circle on it. I guess that indicates message not sent. Do I need to change any settings? Real odd I can recieve pics but not send them.

I tried deleting this thread I guess the forum does not allow this? Reason I wanted to delete is there already is a thread on this topic. FWIW here is the remedy since this thread is gonna be here:

OK I got the update today and was still not able to send picture messages. I called Verizon customer service and the tech had me do a "Factory data reset" and this cured my problem. Now I have only had my phone for a bit less than a week so I had not amassed many apps,files,etc. You will need to backup your data if you want it saved. I did not do this and lost the few free apps I had. All my contacts remained intact. Be sure to figure out how to properly backup your phone before doing this you WILL lose everything but it cured my picture messaging issue.

P.S. he told me if it did not work he was authorizing a replacement for me that it was an issue with the phone itself.