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Feb 11, 2012
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In the past I downloaded the TV Guide App on my Android Razr which was extremely useful. One of its best options is identifying TV Episodes you wish to look at and setting up NOTIFICATIONS which will notify me at a specified time when that episode is coming on. However, I no longer receive these NOTIFICATIONS. I have gone to Menu/System Settings/Sound/Ringtone & Notifications and have checked the appropriate boxes. I have also gone into the TV Guide App, went to Menu/Settings/Reminder Settings which shows a listing of all of my favorite episodes which also identifies "Reminder Settings" for each episode. Everything appears to be correct. Also, I went into Calendar/Menu/Settings/General Settings/Reminder Settings and click on both the Notifications and Pop-Up notification blocks. During this process I noticed that the Episodes in the TV Guide App that I identified and wished to be notified 15 or 30 minutes in advance of the episode coming on is not indicated in the dates specified on the Calendar. Previously, these episodes were indicated on Calendar dates that these episodes were to come on. Am I missing something? If you have an answer to my problem please let me know.
Welcome to the forum. Just search TVGuide app in the play store and I'm sure you'll find 1. The 1 I use was the 1 that had a red icon.
Welcome to Droid Forums!! Definitely check out dog's suggestion and see how it works for you :)
Welcome to the site. Hope you got this worked out. DancingNexus
Welcome to the forum.

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