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Jul 12, 2010
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One of the apps I miss the most from my old iPhone is TV Forecast. I searched long and hard for a replacement and all there is on the Marketplace is Tv Show Scheduler or something like that. Well, that app doesn't work. Everything is TBA. Well, after searching google for a bit I found a golden nugget. Its called DroidSeries and can be found here: droidseries - Project Hosting on Google Code So far, it works beautifully. It is a bit slow to adding new shows, but after I add them all, I will only be adding them here and there. I am so glad I found this app as I never remember when shows are starting and since I use a DVR, i never see commercials for them either.

One small downside to this app over TV Forecast on the iPhone is that you have to manually check off the episodes you have watched. You can check off an entire season by going into the show and doing a long press on each season. It'll give you an option to check off the entire season and you have to check off each episode as you watch it too. Its not much work so it really isn't a reason to not use it, but isn't automatic like TV Forecast.
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