Turn Your ROM Into A .Torrent


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Aug 7, 2012
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Why use a crappy website to host your ROM when you can create a .torrent from it instead and allow it to be seeded by numerous sources so it stays active?

Here is how I create .torrent files with Windows...

1) Download and install the 2.0.3 version of uTorrent.

2) Open uTorrent after it installs and set it up. I would recommend NOT updating to the latest version.

3) Click the icon with the magic wand on it to create a .torrent.

4) I would suggest creating a folder with the name of your ROM then place the ROM .zip into that folder.

5) Click on the ADD DIRECTORY button and select the folder you created with the ROM .zip in it.

6) Use these trackers with line breaks between them...





7) Click the CREATE AND SAVE AS... button and name the .torrent preferably with the folder name you used.

8) Leave your uTorrent on so you (Seed) can share your ROM with people (Peers). It is nice if those peers leave their .torrent program on so they can seed as well. The more seeders the better!

9) Upload the .torrent file of your ROM to some website and post the link to the .torrent in your ROM post.

Now people can download it with whatever .torrent program they use and get it on their phone.

This website needs to allow .torrent files to be attached to posts!!!

Here are links for a couple of .torrents to get either Liquid or RedHead for the Droid Bionic...

Liquid ICS v1.5 Release (TARGA).torrent

RedHead RC6.torrent

Motorola Android USB Drivers.torrent
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