Turn On Your Screen Without The Power Button On Any Android Device!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Big screens come with many advantages! With a larger screen there is far less pinching to zoom required. You can see more detail in photos and videos, and the list goes on. One large disadvantage to big screens on these phones is the Power Button Reach. On devices like the HTC One M8 it can be more than pesky turning the screen off. You have to do the cell phone shimmy to move the phone down in your hand just so you can reach the ill placed button. This can all be avoided with the new "WakeUp" app. When enabled you will be able to turn on your screen by picking up your phone and tilting it towards yourself. This means you no longer have to cause your fingers to cramp up by overstretching for the power button. There is also a widget that allows you to turn your screen off without needing to reach the power button. There are plenty of settings included so you can set your own tilt sensitivity, timeout period and more. This is a free download. Head to the link below for the download.

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