tube downloader computer problem


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Apr 4, 2010
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So the recent deleteing and network error issue on music junk and other music download apps has caused me to resort to getting my music from tube downloader. I'm happy, I can download the music onto my phone off tubedownloader I only download the sound tho, it ask me if I want to download as a mp3 or acc. (Important bear with me I'm gettin to the point) the music downloads and works fine on my phone either way but when I hook my droid up to the computer and move the mp3 or acc into a file it is completely fine but when I put tht file into my itunes tht five minute song turns into a twenty or thirty minute song. At first I thought maybe it was the certain song so I tried a different song, and same thing twenty or thirty min song. I also tried downloading on tube downloader as acc instead of mp3 same thing.

Somebody please help me all I want to do is be able to download music and put it on my itunes via usb since I have no internet for my laptop, sorry for any confusion and I can try to explain better if you don't unserstand completely just please help. I am also open to different ways to downlaod music on droid other than tube downloader