TTD list in Google Calendar


Apr 25, 2010
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FYI, found a way to have a nice "Things To Do" list show up on the Droid using Google Calendar. This assumes you use Google Calendar of course.

1. Create an Event as you usually do. An easy way to do this in: on your PC in the upper left hand corner is a "create event" button.

2. Select "All Day", Select "Repeat" and choose an option. I would choose "daily" and change the title to something appropriate. Add a minus sign prefix to the title and it will appear as the first line item

3. Add your list into the description box and you're done.

Try opening the Things To Do event on your phone via Google Calendar and you have a nicely displayed list of things to do.

I know it does not have some of the cool features of dedicated TTD list apps but it does work well.