Google Calendar nightmare


Nov 14, 2009
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I work for a pretty big company. I've been using Google Calendar Sync to send my Outlook work meetings and appointments to my Droid so that I could get reminders and notifications. Been doing this for 6 months without a problem.

Yesterday, without warning, Google decides to send calendar invites for every single calendar event on my calendar, going back to before I even worked here. For each event it sent an invite to everyone on the distribution list for that event. THOUSANDS of emails to HUNDREDS of people (including senior VPs), all originating from my Gmail account. I got so many hate emails and hateful "STOP IT, SPAMMER!" IMs from people I don't even know. Horrible.

I don't know if I'm going to get fired or not.
Just wanted to throw that out there. If you're using Google Calendar Sync on your work PC...delete it now.

They tell me the exact same thing happened to someone else a while back. I'm not sure what happened to him.
Man that sucks hope you don't get fired....that's why I don't sync my calendar with anything so it doesn't do that.....learn from your mistakes I guess.....may the man upstairs be with you haha

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Yeah, I had NO idea that the calendar event that got sent to Google Calendar had original recipients attached. I thought it was a simple date/time/location. Now I know.

Weird thing is, none of the emails appear in my sent mail, and none of the company contacts appear in my contacts list. Even though I deleted my entire Google calendar, I laid awake all night wondering if there's any way this could happen again.

So now I'm looking for a simple calendar widget that has no ties to email or anything else. Just something to give me daily reminders.