trying to get my iCloud to sync both ways on my nexus any help would be great


Feb 11, 2010
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Hear is the issue. My current set up is that I have 3 calendars that I sync via iCloud,

my office uses exchange mail all with outlook. few of us have macs with outlook and a few of us have windows with outlook.

Calendars Name:
My Cal I use this as my calendar and I share it with my wife so she sees my schedule.

business calender- this is a calendar that is shared between 3 people in my office f. If any one of us enter an appointment it will show up on all of our calendars.

Home-this is my wifes calendar that she uses and she shares with me so I can see her appointments.

All these calendars work very well using ical because we all have macs iPads or iPhones.

Now I switched to a droid so I can only view the iCloud calendars on my device but I can not enter any changes. So I now have use my gcal because its the only way it will show up on my calendar and I can make changes on both phone and ical. but my wife can not view this calendar.

Now that I am switching to outlook we have to figure out a way to get my clanders to sync between all people and devices.

I am not going to make my wife use outlook it just does not pay. she uses mac mail and ical. i would love to have an easy solution.

Thank you