Transferring recorded video from Droid Razr to Mac OS X


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Apr 9, 2012
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I am trying to transfer video from my droid razor to Mac laptop. The laptop is running Lion OS. For some reason, the laptop does not recognize the phone so I assume I must transfer the video wirelessly (at least that's what the verizon rep told me; he said the droid razor is not supported by mac). Either way, does anyone have any recommendations on how to transfer recorded videos from my droid razor to a mac laptop. Thanks in advance.
I would expect it to be compatible with Mac... make sure you have it in USB mass storage mode once you connect it.

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Does the Mac has an sdcard reader?
If so simply remove the sdcard from the Razr and use in laptop.

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Thanks for the responses.

How do you turn on USB mass storage?

My mac does not have a sdcard reader.
When you connect with your computer, your Drioid will ask you to choose the connect for charge or use as storage, you don't find it?
It will not show up un itunes but should show up on the desktop and finder.

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