transfering upgrade?


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Jul 27, 2010
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hey i wanna upgrade to the droid x but my update is not until february of next grandparents line is up for an upgrade and they dont use it so can i used their upgrade and then activate it on my line?
If their line is on your account yes, but you will need their phone. If they have your own account I dont think they will allow you to do it.
I upgraded from a Droid1 to a Droid X. If your grandparent's phone is on your account, as igknight said, you can do it. I did it for my mom's line because she's on my family plan and it extended the contract on her line for two years, but I didn't need the phone. They just did what's called an "alternative upgrade" (or something like that) on my line and all I had to do was activate the Droid X when it came in on my line. My mom's line wasn't affected. It was a very simple process.
Odd, every time I have done it that way they always needed the phone that had the upgrade on it.
I tried to do an upgrade for a line today who's upgrade wasn't until October . On my family plan . And they said that I wasn't allowed to do this because the line isn't 34.99 or higher . Pretty much crap seeing how we have ordered a Droid Incredible and the X . And now they want me to pay retail for it . So in short I don't know if they will let you upgrade or not . We ended up paying retail for the other X .
Logged into my Verizon account online and my line is due for an upgrade and my other one isn't. I can straight up tell it to transfer my upgrade to that line from mine. So if you are on your grandparents or they are on yours you should be able to do the same. And not have to play the shuffle game of ordering on the line that is due, activating it then switching to the other one.