Top Deals! Mpow Water Proof Speaker, Maxboost Car Charger and More!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Friday is pay day and if you have had a pretty good week this week you are probably looking for some ways to spend that extra scratch! Good thing there are some pretty great tech deals going on right now. Here are a few of the best deals for the week.

Mpow has decided to bring back another DroidForums exclusive deal! This time for their Buckler Portable Wireless BlueTooth Waterproof Speaker. Not only is this speaker waterproof it also features a convenient suction Cup for shower use! The speaker comes in three colors black, blue, and orange. There is a built in 1000mah rechargeable battery that will get you 8 hours of play time on a charge. There is also a mic for hands free calling. This speaker is normally $39.99 but you can grab it for only $14.99.

Mpow Buckler Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker
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Battery life is getting better and better with Android phones these days. My Galaxy S7 Edge normally gets me upwards of 6 hours of screen on time. The HTC 10 is doing a good job of getting me through a full work day as well. Still it is always a great idea to have a car charger in case of emergency or for topping of on your commute. Right now you can get the MaxBoost 2 port car charger for only $3.99. This normally goes for $15.99 so this is a pretty great deal!

Maxboost Car Charger
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Summer is almost here. As soon as the kids are out of school I will be taking my family on lots of trips. I am sure we will be camping and also hitting up some amusement parks. When I travel I always pack a few battery banks. They really come in handy when you are away from wall outlets! The Poweradd Apollo 3 not only charges your phone it converts energy from the sun to stored power! This battery bank features a solar panel. You can leave it out in the sun and it will recharge itself! The Poweradd features an 8000mah battery. It normally goes for $79.99 but you can grab it for only $10.99.

Poweradd Apollo 3 8000mah Power Bank Solar Charger
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I got that speaker a while back for my daughter but they had another choice, purple, that she wanted.
Loud. You want loud ability this one fills the desire. Pairing was easy and range is about what most of them are. Sound quality is clear but nothing to get excited about. It'll do mid bass fine and vocals are clear and natural but nothing to write home about on either extreme of the sound frequency. The only bugaboo is every time you turn it on the volume reverts back to very loud and its power up tone is also up there in volume. Controls aren't the easiest to use but it's waterproof so that's why they're hard to use. Not a light touch to change things by any means but a very solid press is needed. They've survived about a year of her taking showers each night with it attached to the ceramic tile in the shower with no ill effects. Battery life is as described, about 8 hours. I paid $8 Prime shipped when I got hers.

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