Top 10 Galaxy Note 5 Tips and Tricks!


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Oct 6, 2011
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I have been using the Galaxy Note 5 as a daily driver device since launch day. In fact I got mine a few days before launch! So far I have to say that this has been my favorite Samsung phone ever! If this is your first Samsung Galaxy experience, or maybe you just have not used a Galaxy device in a few years there are some things you may want to know to help out with your experience. These are my top 10 tips and tricks.

1: All day battery life plus!

One of the major downfalls of the Galaxy S6 is its atrocious battery life. With the S6 I was needing to charge my device everyday around 3:00pm. Somehow Samsung has done a better job with the Note 5 and my battery last me till about 7:00pm everyday. With a few adjustments your Note 5 can last you all day and then some.

-Set your screen brightness to 35%. You will find that in most cases this is really all you need. If you stick with the auto brightness you will find that your screen is much brighter than you really need most of the time this means your battery drains much faster.
-Turn on Power Saving Mode. You can get through most of the day without it, but if you turn it on you will be at 40-50% at the end of your work day. Power Saving mode limits max PC performance, reduces screen brightness and framerate, turns off soft key backlight, reduces screen time on when notifications are received.

2: Double Press Home Button To Launch Camera Super Fast

When things are happening you don't want to miss them. With the Note 5 you can capture a moment as it happens and not a second later. Just double tap the home button to launch the camera, point and shoot!

3: Add Up To 4 FingerPrints To Make Unlocking Your Phone Easier

The option to add multiple fingerprints does not show up until after you have added the first so if you aren't paying attention you may not have seen that you can add more fingerprints. Just go to Settings, Lockscreen and Security, Fingerprints, and then manage fingerprints to add more fingerprints.
I have added both thumbs and both index fingers. This is great for if you are holding your phone in your opposite hand or if your phone is laying on a flat surface.

4: Use HeartRate Sensor To Take Selfies

The heart rate sensor on the back of your Note 5 next to your camera doubles as a shutter button. Its easier to get the perfect shot when you don't have to press a button on the screen to take the shot!

5: Change The Color, Shape, and Size of Your SPen's Ink

When you are using your Spen you will see an option in the top left hand corner "Pen" click that and you will have options to change the Color, Size and Style of your Pen Marks.

6: Charge Your Note 5 Fully In About An Hour

Your Note 5 comes with fast charging built in. Use the charge brick that came with your Note 5 to charge the device fast. There is even a Fast Wireless Charger that will fully charge your Note 5 Wirelessly in under 2 hours.

7: Screenshot Long Documents With Scroll Capture

The Note 5 is the perfect business companion. If you are ever find the need to screenshot long documents, or even your twitter feed you can do this with Scroll capture. With the document loaded extract your Spen, select "screen write", then select "scroll capture", then select capture more until you have captured the entire page.

8: Reboot Without Removing The Non Removable Battery

One of the easiest ways to reboot a phone stuck in a lockup or freeze up has always been to remove the battery. You really shouldn't experience any lockups or freezups, but if you do there is a way to reboot your device even though the battery here is non removable. Just press and hold power and volume down for 10 seconds until your phone powers off.

9: One Handed Use For Those With Smaller Fingers and Hands

The Note 5 has a super massive display. While it is great for watching content and browsing the web it can be annoying at times when there are things on the screen you can't reach. For some one handed typing can even be difficult on the Note 5.

-For one handed use go to settings, display, one handed operation
-You can decide to reduce screen size, or you can turn on One handed input.

10: Add 3 Apps To Air Command For Easy Access From Any Screen

Air Command gives you some built in options for use with the SPen, but you can also add up to 3 of your favorite apps to the air command page to easily access them from any page.

-Go to settings
-choose air command
-choose shortcuts and choose up to 3 apps.

There are plenty of other tips, but these should give you a good start!


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Sep 5, 2010
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2 and 10 would be my favorites and I hope they add them to my Note4 at some point but I won't be holding my breath.
Thanks for posting this list.

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Jan 25, 2010
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Ive always found myself dropping the Brightness all the way down and then bringing it up to a level that would not strain my eyes seeing the screen. This works for me. Thanks for the Post. Some nice Tips. I always like when these types of Posts are listed especially the ones with the special or hidden features.


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Jan 31, 2011
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This phone is an absolute beast!!! I had no idea about using the screenshot on long documents. One more reason why this phone is outstanding!


Oct 22, 2011
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How does the scroll capture output the image? Is it truly a scrollable image or multiple images like it would be on previous devices?

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