Titanium Backup - Issues detaching from Market and with Integrate sys Dalvik


Nov 6, 2009
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Richmond, VA
I'm having a few problems. I'm rooted and running AOKP JB M1 4.1.2 core.

When i select an app from TiBu and tell it to detach from the Market, the function runs and claims it is successful. When i look in the Play Store, even after a reboot, the app i "detached" still shows up and with an update that i'd like to avoid. Can someone comment on how to successfully accomplish this task?

I also chose the option under the menu to "Integrate sys Dalvik into ROM." Now, every time i reboot, the phone has to Optimize all apps. Is this a flaw of the feature? Is this expected? Is there a step i missed? For now i'll undo that option and live with it, but i'd like to understand why it's prompting an optimization of all apps for every reboot.

Thanks in advance. I hope this forum hasn't become a wasteland. :p
hmm...almost 150 views and not a single reply.

are you all trying to tell me both of those features work perfectly for your device, OR none of you have tried either option described?
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Same here, detached from market but still showing up in the market under my apps wanting an update that I don't want to happen.

So everyone has no issue detaching apps from the market to avoid updates for certain apps? Seems at least one other person has the same problem. Can anyone help?
Anyone know the devs email? All I find is TB forums that don't she to have the answer.